Agricultural Technician

Richardson Brothers

Tintinara, SA

Posted 4/8/2021

Richardson Brothers in Tintinara, SA 5266 is looking for an experienced Agricultural Technician to be part of their team in the farm.

Job Description

Summary of Position:
Agricultural Technician


  • Constant Monitoring of the piggery to make sure that it is well maintained and is on top working order
  • Attend any safety and Industry Educational training for which the employer deems necessary
  • control and Monitor the health and the administration of drugs to the livestock
  • Moving and weaning livestock to optimise growth and breeding opportunities
  • Organising and conducting farming operations such as feeding, moving, vaccinating and breeding including Artificial Insemination and teeth and tail docking of livestock, pressure washing and disinfecting pens and milling feed.
  • Organising the livestock for sale, purchase and transport.


  • Farm management and hands-on: 3 years (Preferred)

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $54,000.00 per year

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