Independent Chair – Nfp Regulatory Committee

Windsor Group

Brisbane City, QLD

Posted 11/22/2020

About the role

Seasoned Chair to ensure transparency, oversee governance, manage the Secretariat & offer objective guidance to this representative council.

  • Significant experience NFP Board(s) + AICD quals required
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Honorarium + expenses paid

Charged with the maintenance of the National Standard for organic certification in Australia, this organisation’s members are organic certifiers and key representatives of the organic industry, under a ‘watching brief’ from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).

The National Standard (owned by DAWE) is mandatory for Australian producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers for the exportation of organic produce, and provides the basis for equivalence negotiations with importing countries. The organisation has oversight of an independent sub-committee which makes recommendations on any changes to the Standard, or its interpretation.

Because so many interests are involved – members can sometimes be at cross purposes – this role of Independent Chair of the Governing Board has been established. It is intended to preserve the Committee’s integrity, maintain an unassailable objectivity, provide a dispassionate conduit between stakeholders and ensure the transparency of its rulings.

It offers a fascinating and vital opportunity for a seasoned professional with AICD qualifications and significant experience in sitting on – or ideally Chairing – NFP Boards. A proven ability (and the time) to manage a Secretariat and book-keeping function, supervise in and outgoing correspondence and oversee various working groups all form part of the requirements.

Well connected, and very confident in your strength as a leader and manager, you have a calm, can-do, hands-on-as-needed approach. Along with which comes the wisdom of experience, a willingness to work closely with your Committee and stakeholders and the drive to progress strategic goals to achieve planned growth and change.

Meetings are quarterly and recently have been held virtually. An honorarium and expenses are paid for this complex role which demands a concentrated effort, periodic available time free of distractions, and a knowledge of agriculture and organic production.

Your experience as a NFP Chair will have given you a clear appreciation of what you can expect from that role. Independence is of course another matter. In this case, it can be broadly defined as “someone who has been free from any business/relationship with the Organic and Biodynamic Industries over the past 5 years.”

This relates to memberships, investments, publications (including social media), public speaking and some other activities that can be defined in a simple phone call to Nicola.

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